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Pastoral Structure

Pupils joining Year 8 are assigned to one of five Year 8 classes. Each class has a Form Teacher who meets with the class at the beginning of each school day for registration. The Form Teacher also takes the class for one period every week for Learning for Life and Work. 

This teacher normally teaches the Form Class for one of their subjects and has responsibility for monitoring the overall conduct, development, progress and performance of the pupils in his or her class. We try to ensure that the same Form Teacher remains with the class from Year 8-12 so that pupils have consistency of pastoral support. Form Teachers are supported by the Head of Year who in turn are co-ordinated by a Deputy Head (Pastoral) who has overall responsibility for pastoral care and discipline in the school.

We promote good relationships and effective communication between everyone in our school community. Therefore pupils are encouraged to talk to their Form Teachers and/or Year Heads, to share concerns early so that we can deal with problems quickly and effectively.


We also have a strong pastoral system of peer support. Year 8 pupils are assigned a Year 10 mentor and a year 14 prefect to ensure that all of our new pupils have another older pupil that they can go to for advice and a chat! We also have Sixth Form Wellbeing Ambassadors who help promote positive emotional health amongst the student population and who are there to support fellow pupils. 

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