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Personal Development Lessons

Personal Development Lessons in Learning for Life and Work and Sixth Form Tutorial. 

All pupils in Year 8-12 have at least one period of Learning for Life and Work in their weekly timetable. Each Head of Year manages the Personal Development material within Learning for Life and Work. The material is designed to deal with current issues that our pupils face in their day to day life.  The material is reviewed and evaluated at the end of each academic year. 

In Year 8, pupils study a range of topics from the theme of ‘Personal Development’ in their LLW classes.  These lessons are aimed at helping pupils to settle into their new school, build new friendships, strengthen resilience and encourage good mental health.  The topics include:

  • Settling in

  • Mental health awareness

  • Friendships

  • Anti-bullying

All Year 9 pupils follow the ‘Personal Development’ strand of LLW.  This is an important element in preparing pupils for life.  In Year 9, pupils consider: 

  • Substance Abuse – alcohol and drugs, smoking and vaping.

  • Pressure and managing influences.

  • Body image.

  • Personal health.

  • Coping with adolescence.

  • Relationships.


All Year 10 pupils follow the ‘Personal Development’ strand of LLW.  This is an important element in preparing pupils for life.  In Year 10, pupils consider: 

  • Goals, target setting for improvement and independent learning.  

  • They then follow a programme based around Relationships and emotional literacy. This covers the areas of consent, dating and choices around dating, abusive relationships and how to deal with these, child sexual exploitation and FGM. The resources used for these lessons are generated from approved, age-related text books.


In Sixth Form pupils have a tutorial period each week and the range of topics covered is varied and aims to be of relevance to our Sixth Form pupils. Areas covered include: 

  • Target setting and personal goals

  • How to be an independent learner – the best ways to make the most of study time

  • Revision strategies/study skills

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing/ Exam stress

  • UCAS preparation

  • CV preparation (for college, university and employment)

  • Interview skills and preparation

  • Student Finance - how to budget? How to avoid falling into debt? Finance and mental health

  • University talks (at least 4 visiting universities every year)

  • How to prepare for Work Experience

  • Heartstart First Aid Course

  • Learning to drive and Road Safety

  • Student Council Issues

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