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Chemistry Department

Certificates finally arrived for the 2024 Irish Olympiad. Pictured are the 8 participants who completed Round 1 of this competition in March. Then top 15% of all entrants were then invited to take part in Round 2 of this competition. Erin Fallows and Erin O'Connor travelled to Dublin to take part in the second round of the Irish Chemistry Olympiad competition during the Easter holidays. At this stage of the competition their efforts in Round 1 were recognised - Erin O'Connor was Highly Commended and Erin Fallows received a Bronze medal. 

Following the gruelling second stage, Erin Fallows has been selected, as one of only four pupils from the thousands of competitors, to represent Ireland at the International Finals of the 56th Chemistry Olympiad competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in July. The Chemistry Department are extremely proud of Erin who has been an exceptional student throughout her studies of Chemistry, winning the subject prize at GCSE and the Dr. Stephen A. Barr Award for STEM for overall performance in GCSE three Sciences and Maths. Erin was also the recipient of the subject prize for AS and Dr. John M. Pollock Cup and Prize for Outstanding Performance in Science. Erin is pictured with her A-Level Chemistry teachers, Mrs Janice Emerson and Mrs Heather Millar.


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