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Dalriada Represent NI in UK Finals in London

The Top of the Bench team from Dalriada School, Ballymoney who represented Northern Ireland at the National Finals in London on 25th March 2023 would like to take this opportunity to thank Energia Renewables who provided a very generous sponsorship of £500 for the team which enabled all meals to be paid for and covered the expenses of the second member of staff travelling with the team.

It was very fitting that Energia Renewables provided the sponsorship given the overall theme for this year’s competition was Sustainability and the practical challenge involved finding the most efficient fuel by measuring density and calculating the energy released on combustion; Energia Renewables are engaged in making green hydrogen fuel from excess electricity generated by Long Mountain wind farm so their work is all about Sustainability and Chemistry solving problems.

Pictured with the team are Rachael O'Boyle and Alan Dysart from Energia Renewables.


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