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Modern Foreign Languages


We aim to:

  • To pass on our love of languages to our pupils

  • To have happy, secure pupils who enjoy studying languages and who understand their importance in the workplace and in a global world.

  • To prepare pupils to fulfil their potential at GCSE and GCE level.

  • To equip pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue studying languages post GCSE and in third level education.


Mr R Mills - (Coordinator for MFL; Head of French)

Mrs E Kernohan - (Head of Spanish)

Miss C Coey - (i/c German)

Ms R Craig

Mrs A Ewart

Mrs C Kelly

Miss V Thompson

Mme A O’Brien (French Assistant)

Mrs M Smyth (Spanish Assistant)


Pupils begin with French in year 8.  In year 9 they take up a second language and can choose between German and Spanish.  At the end of KS 3 they choose to continue with one or 2 languages to GCSE level.  Those with linguistic ability are encouraged to opt for two languages. The study of a foreign language is cumpulsory at GCSE at Dalriada as we believe that a qualification in a foreign language enhances students’ future career prospects.


At KS3 pupils develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through the study of a range of topics including family, pets, hobbies, sport, food, town and region and holidays.


At KS4 pupils continue to develop all four key skills through the study of a range of topics as prescribed by the CCEA GCSE specification.  See Modern Languages at for further details.


At KS5 students can decide to study French, German or Spanish.  Those with linguistic ability are encouraged to opt for two languages.  The four key skills continue to be developed through the study of topics as prescribed by the CCEA AS and A Level specifications.  Grammar is taught in greater depth to enable students to write and speak accurately.  There are weekly conversation classes with the foreign language assistant to promote fluency and confidence in the language as well as cultural awareness of the country.    Support is also given by the assistant in other aspects of the course as required.  See Modern Languages at for further details of  A level specifications.


The following activities take place outside the classroom to promote interest in languages and support learning:

  • Year 8 Petit-déjeuner  Year 8 pupils get the opportunity to sample a typical French breakfast and take part in a quiz on France to celebrate European Day of Languages

  • European lunch  All pupils are given the opportunity to sample different European dishes in the school canteen to celebrate European Day of Languages.

  • La Galette des Rois  Sixth form pupils celebrate Epiphany like the French and Spanish by eating the famous Galette des Rois and El Roscón provided by our language assistants.

  • French Ciné-club   Mme O’Brien, a passionate ‘cinéphile’ runs a French film club for our sixth formers.

  • French Reading club.  Mme O’Brien aims to encourage a love of reading in French by running a Reading club for sixth formers.

  • Careers Talks  ‘Careers with languages’ talks are given to year 10 and year 12 pupils when they are making their choice of GCSE and GCE subjects.  Professor J Gillespie shares the latest information on jobs requiring language skills and demonstrates how the study of languages develops vital employability skills.

  • Educational visits  Trips are run regularly to Paris, the Loire Valley and Barcelona and are organised by Mr Mills.  Miss Coey organises trips to Berlin.


- Trip to Barcelona

- Trip to Paris 2023

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