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Dalriada Science Department aims to promote academic excellence and the all-round personal development of every pupil in a caring, happy environment which is sympathetic and responsive to individual needs, aspirations and talents.

We aim to:

  • establish and maintain good personal relationships and genuine partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors in an atmosphere of friendship, trust and mutual respect

  • encourage pupils’ curiosity about Science

  • Motivate and enthuse pupils in the study of Science in the classroom and tertiary education

  • Challenge pupils as to how they could make a valuable  contribution to the Scientific community

  • Develop the skills of teamwork , communication, numeracy and ICT

  • encourage individual initiative and  independence of thought

  • assist pupils to recognise the need for discipline, and to develop a self-disciplined and responsible attitude to their studies

  • encourage a spirit of service  in the wider community and promote active respect for the local and global environment


Mrs. J.E. Emerson is our Head of Department and our Designer and Filmmaker.


Science is fun, interesting, captivating, active and inspiring!

At Key Stage 3 we aim to challenge, enthuse and inspire our pupils to study Science at GCSE, AS/A2 level and beyond.

In Year8 and 9 Science is taught in 5 periods per week as a combined course. In Year 10 pupils are taught the three sciences separately by subject specialists. Each subject is timetabled for 2 periods per week. Our courses embrace the Northern Ireland Revised curriculum in helping pupils to develop their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. Pupils cover a broad base of topics including Cells, Kinetic Theory, Energy, Reproduction, Classification, Diet and Digestion, Electricity, Magnetism, Respiration and Acids. Each Year group may have the opportunity to participate in field trips which in the past have included visiting Belfast Zoo, pond dipping, stargazing at Armagh Planetarium and becoming part of a CSI team to solve a crime. One highlight in Year 8 is the Annual Science Egg Race when pupils design and build contraptions to solve a specific problem. Our year 9 pupils enjoy learning about careers related to health through a Medical Mavericks workshop.



Junior Science Club

Junior Science Club meets at lunchtime once a fortnight. This is a club for Year 8 and 9 pupils and Sixth Form pupils act as helpers.

We work on a variety of small projects and enter Science competitions.

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