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  • Junior Sports teams and Year 8 Form classes from 21-22 photographs for purchase

    At the end of last year we photographed all our Junior sports teams and Year 8 form classes. Several people have enquired if they could purchase copies of these. The photographers, Watson Media, have send a link through from their website enabling you to do this. Please note the opportunity is open until Sunday September 25th. Please also find a short video explaining how it all works. Link

  • Yr 13+14 Presentations from Parental Informations Meetings

    Download Year 13 PowerPoint Below: View Year 13 PowerPoint Here Download Year 14 PowerPoint Below: View Year 14 PowerPoint Here Download Yer 11 Induction Evening 2022 Below: View Year 11 Induction Evening 2022 Here

  • QUB Chemiluminescence Workshop

    In February 2022 we were approached by Queens' University Belfast to assist with an undergraduate research project. One year 10 class was selected at the time and we were delighted that QUB undergraduates returned to school in June 2022 to deliver their Chemiluminescence workshop to the remaining classes in year 10. The girls highlighted a range of STEM careers and explored the chemistry behind glow sticks.

  • RSC Schools' Analyst Competition

    In June 2022 nineteen of our year 13 Chemistry students participated in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Schools’ Analyst competition. Only 300 schools across the UK were invited to participate in this competition so we were thrilled when we received our box of materials. Almost 6 hours were spent in the laboratory analysing amino acids in flour, acidity in cider vinegar and malt vinegar, sugar content in potatoes and finally the decomposition of baking soda all within the context of selecting more sustainable and local ingredients for use in a chip shop. We are grateful to the RSC for the opportunity to take part developing valuable practical skills directly related to the A-level specification. Thanks also to Mrs Johanne Brolly, RSC NI Education Coordinator, for popping in with some RSC branded goodies for the participants. #rscsac #analyticalchemistry

  • Dalriada School Prospectus

    Please find a link below to our school prospectus which would normally have been distributed to all P6+7 pupils attending our Open Morning. School Prospectus

  • Open Morning Virtual Tour 2022

    Please find below a link to our 2022 Open Morning Virtual tour. It is a 80 minute video sectioned into chapters, allowing you skip straight to any department. Please make sure to view the Headmaster’s address where he clearly outlines how you go about applying for a place at Dalriada. He covers key information relevant particularly to P7 pupils but also to P6 pupils and their parents interested in taking the AQE Common Entrance Assesssment, necessary for any pupil wanting to enter Dalriada in Year 8 in the 2022-23 academic year.

  • Admissions Criteria for Year 8 Entry in September 2022

    Please find below the link to our Admissions Criteria relevant to current P7 parents and pupils wishing to gain entry to Dalriada in September 2022. If you have any queries please contact the Headmaster’s Secretary on 276 63066. Dalriada School Admissions Criteria 2022-2023 Click below to download Admissions Criteria:

  • Yr 11 Parents Information Evening Presentation Sept. 2021

    Please find the presentation below from the Year 11 Information evening, there are also contact details within the presentation if you have any queries or concerns. To access please hit link below. JG Devlin Year 11 Induction Evening Sept. 2021 Click below to download Induction Evening Information:

  • Year 13 and Year 14 Parents Information Presentations Sept 2021

    Please find below the Presentations made to Sixth Form Parents, by the team led by the Headmaster Mr Skelton. Year 13 Parents Information Presentation Sept 2021 Click below to download Year 13 information: Year 14 Parents Information Presentation Sept 2021 Click below to download Year 14 information:

  • Policy for External Examinations Post-Results Service Summer 2021

    Please find a downloadable PDF document of our School Policy relating to the Post Results Service (External Exams Summer 2021 series). A level results are available for collection in school (in B5) from 9am – 11am, Tuesday 10th August. Please enter the school by the pupil entrance and exit by B5. GCSE results will be distributed from the John Armstrong Hall from 9am – 11am, Thursday 12th August, please enter school by the pupil entrance and exit by the bell door. The Careers Department will be interviewing Year 12 ( in B5) throughout the rest of the day to confirm Post 16 choices. Please wear a mask and follow our Covid-19 regualtions whilst in the school building. Click here to view the PDF Document Click below to download the PDF Document:

  • Dalriada School Academic Data Admissions Form

    For any parent looking to apply for a Year 8 place at Dalriada School for September 2021 please find below links to both our Admissions Criteria and the important Academic Data Admissions Form required to accompany your on-line application to the EA Transfer process. Admission Criteria for Year 8 Entry 2021-22 Academic Data Admissions Form

  • Open Day Virtual Tour for 2021

    With not being able to run our usual tour for Open Day we have produced a video showcasing some of the activities that a pupil can experience and all of the subject areas they will cover during their time at Dalriada. You can either watch all of the 90 minute Youtube video or you can open up the information section opposite the title (small arrow head) and select any of the individual listed sections to view. The footage is a mixture of events from previous academic years and also the current. It also shows a mixture of activities that would be pre COVID and others under current COVID restrictions. At the beginning of the Headmaster’s address there is an important slide that reflects the most recent updated Admissions Criteria for Dalriada, published this week.

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