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'Contemporary Catalysis, Fundamentals and Current Applications'

The Chemistry Department were delighted to receive a signed copy of Professor Julian H Ross's book on 'Contemporary Catalysis, Fundamentals and Current Applications'. Julian's father was Dr Alfred Ross who was Headmaster of the school from 1931 until his death in April 1948. The book was presented to mark the 75th anniversary of Alfred Ross's death. Alfred Ross was born in Belfast on 26th November 1901. He won a government scholarship to attend University College, London, where he obtained his PhD in September 1927 with a thesis entitled 'Infrared Absorption Spectra and Organic Chemistry'. He worked briefly with the precursor of ICI in Teeside before returning to Northern Ireland as a teacher, first in Armagh and then in Lurgan. He was appointed as headmaster to what was to become Dalriada in 1931. During his leadership the oldest part of the current school building was erected in 1937. Julian's love of science was encouraged at a very early age by his father's enthusiasm for the subject. Even though Julian was just 6 years old when his father died, he had been taught the principles of electricity and optics as well as of elementary chemistry! He has worked in various universities (Bradford, Twente and Limerick) and this is his second book on the subject of catalysis. The Chemistry Department look forward to being able to make reference to the content of the book in their delivery of the A-level Chemistry course.


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