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This year’s ‘A’ level students at Dalriada School have produced an outstanding set of examination results. 87% of the Upper Sixth Form students gained at least 3A* - C grades each. These superb results reflect the work ethic and resilience of this talented group of young people who have had to overcome the impact of Covid-19 on their education.

The following thirty-eight students, almost one third of this entire Upper Sixth Form cohort, obtained at least 3A*/A grades each - Katie Archibald, Lara Bagley, Sophie Barron, Sam Beverland, Chloe Bond, Emma Boyle, Niamh Cameron, James Carlin, Eleanor Christie, Emily Cochrane, Victoria Currie, Adam Faulkner, Victoria Finlay, Eva Gaston, Alec Gault, Matthew Hanna, Patrick Harrison, Emily Hunter, Lydia Kempton, Iona Mairs, Lana McArthur, Alex McCaw, Joshua McClean, Aaron Moore, Anna Moore, Nirucha Morelli, Emily Morrow, Megan Murray, Gabriella Nicholl, Ella O’Kane, Noah Patterson, Matthew Quigg, Alexander Reid, Elena Smyth, Skye Strickland, Emma Strong, Ethan Telford and Rebecca Wilson.

Six students deserve special mention - Emily Cochrane and Elena Smyth gained an incredible 3 A* grades and one A grade each, and Chloe Bond, Emily Hunter, Gabriella Nicholl and Alexander Reid gained a superb 3A* grades each.

There were feelings of delight and excitement last Thursday following the release of the results, with parents and staff sharing in the achievement of the students. Reflecting on the success of the Dalriada students, Headmaster Mr. Tom Skelton stated, “As a school we are absolutely delighted with these outstanding results that are the culmination of two years of hard work in challenging circumstances by our students and teachers with excellent parental support. I attended a CCEA Principals’ Briefing meeting earlier this week where it was stated ‘the expectation was that overall results at GCSE, AS and A Level would be lower than in 2022 in an attempt to see a return to pre-pandemic awarding arrangements.’ The performance of our students this year has actually shown a 6% improvement in the percentage of pupils gaining 3 or more A* to C grades compared to last year’s results. We are all immensely proud of our students who have made a massive contribution to life at Dalriada. We wish all our leavers every success in their future courses.”


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