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There were feelings of excitement and relief at Dalriada last Thursday when this year’s GCSE results were released, with over 98% of all pupils achieving at least 7A* - C grades, one of the best sets of GCSE results in the school’s history.

4 pupils achieved a maximum of 10 A* grades, namely Eden Adair, Lauren Bond, Chloe Boyle, and Lydia Glenny. In addition the following 23 pupils 21% of this Year 12 cohort, gained at least 10A*/A grades, an outstanding achievement, Alex Campbell, Shannon Shiels, Erin Fisher, Muireann Paul, Rebecca Ross, Anna Shiels, Angus Graham, Oliwia Oczeretko, Alex Kincaid, Izzy Pollock-Quinn, Matthew Moore, Tara O’Brien, Lucas Steele, Abigail Archer, Faye Dempsey, Daisy McCook. Zach McIlhagga, Maya Tate, Rebecca Thompson, Matthew Dixon, Ruby Marks, Katie McCandless and Yana Walls.

Finally, a further 25 pupils, 41% of the Year 12 cohort gained a fantastic 8 A*/A grades each, Una McAllister, Niamh Brooking, Lena Christie, Mark Kennedy, Rebecca McClean, Ryan Strong, Sam Cochrane, Holly McComb, Laurina Woha, Thomas Condell, Andrew Beggs, Poppy Hunter, Elijah Mullan, Joshua Scott, Alfie Millar, Grace Patterson, Matthew Johnston, Jack McAuley, Leah Barnes, Tom McCotter, Adam O’Neill, Rebecca Gilvary, Hannah Stewart, Rachel Thompson and Kayla Henry

The vast majority of these GCSE pupils will now progress to Sixth Form at Dalriada, where they will be joined by a number of pupils from schools in the North Coast area and beyond.

Headmaster, Mr Tom Skelton enthused, “We are absolutely delighted with these superb results which reflect the hard work and resilience of our pupils who have had to deal with significant disruption to their education due to the impact of Covid 19. The pupils’ hard work, combined with excellent teaching and positive parental support have all contributed to these record breaking results at GCSE. We are immensely proud of these pupils and look forward to their continued academic success at Dalriada and beyond. We wish the small number of students who are leaving us every success and we are delighted to welcome a number of external students to Dalriada who have also achieved impressive GCSE results.

We now have approximately 130 students progressing to Lower Sixth Form at Dalriada studying a broad range of subjects and we look forward to their future success in “A” Level examinations. These GCSE results, coupled with the outstanding A Level results achieved last week strengthens Dalriada’s position as one of the top schools in the Province.


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